Press : Article Végétable

17 July 2015
Press : Article Végétable
Paris Saveurs : wild mushrooms sewn hands!

This company created and installed at Rungis since 1999 has differentiated dice originally by its ability to import mushrooms around the world, to repackage and rework them according to each client’s needs and ship them all over the world … 40% of sales are made for export and the company performs such two weekly shipments to the United States. Customers are specialists of the fungus, restaurateurs, specialty retailers, but also increasingly the GMS, cash & carry …. Favoring flexibility and service, the company is operational in the morning 4 hours 30 to 22 hours, to continually meet customer requirements. “Everything is reworked, checked to make sure we do ship a high quality product,” says Pierre Scaglia, commercial director. “This level of excellence allows us to export a fortiori to guarantee the product offered to the French market.” Paris Flavors can offer the customer a fungus radius Scots turnkey, train agréeurs among customers … According to the application, the product will be conditioned to the brand of the company or the client. The move to C3 on a unit of 500 m2 is a natural evolution for a company forecasts growth of 15-20% in 2013. In addition to the fees, Paris Saveurs offers fungus frozen and dehydrated. Finally be noted that biological tests are regularly conducted to provide the customer any health guarantee on this sensitive subject. The warehouse of C3 will also comply with the HACCP standards, which should open links to new customers.

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