Press : Article La Montagne Creuse / Déc 2014

17 July 2015
Press : Article La Montagne Creuse / Déc 2014
The Creuse oyster mushrooms are shipped to Hong Kong

Bruno Bianchi, based in Saint-Yrieix-la-Montagne in the south of the Creuse oyster is the second producer in France. Each year it runs nearly 200 tons of mushrooms.

Just over half of this production is directly sent to the Rungis market, “an inescapable place where leading specialists present the fungus,” says the producer. Some of the Creuse oyster is particularly marketed by Paris Saveurs. “We started the oyster there three years with the Bianchi brothers. This is our sole supplier. They send us every week between one and two tons, “explains Pierre Scaglia, the company’s commercial director.
The latter flows oyster almost exclusively to retail. “About 20% of oyster mushrooms go for export. It shipped in Hong Kong, Benelux and the UK, where it supplies many restaurants.”

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